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World of Tea Spoons

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5.00 Ounces

Add an international flair to your tea service!

Our World of Tea Spoons Set comes carefully packed in a black velveteen setting with a clear plastic lid. Each of the six spoons has a small tea embellishment on the tip of the handle celebrating a different country from around the globe: the handle is adorned with the word "tea" in a different language. Represented are England, Spain, Japan, France, China, and Germany. They look lovely sitting in a sugar bowl and are a perfect conversation piece when added to place settings.

Traditional tea spoons are a perfect way to create a point of focus to your tea ritual, whether for reflection or ceremony.

Tea spoons are fun collectibles and the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

  • stainless steel
  • perfect for serving tea
  • ideal gift
  • portion of all proceeds go to a charity you choose at checkout

Tip: We recommnd keeping the box, as it is perfect for storage of your new set. To easily reinsert the spoons, place each back in the form so the spoon 'bowl' is slightly lower than the setting, push the handle into place, and then slide the bowl (or head as it's called) into place under the tabs. The spoons will now be secure until you are ready to use them again.