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Windsor Teapot

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28.70 Ounces

We searched high and low to bring you the perfect ceramic teapot.  When we found the Windsor, we knew you would love it as much as our family does.  Like a favorite teddybear it has the classic rounded shape that clamors for a heartfelt conversation around the kitchen table.  Yet, at the same time, its contemporary colors and jaunty handle, ensures it fits equally well in more sophisticated surroundings.  The molding is ever so slightly ridged around the upper curve, giving it a subtle handcrafted look.  It's the perfect size for a crowd–its capacity comfortably offers over four mugs of tea. 

This sturdy teapot is both dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Choose from Classic Black, Classic White, Sahara (featured), Sunny Yellow, Burgundy, Kobicha Brown*, Plum, or Mojito Lime.  Please note that colors can look different across monitors.  If you are concerned the exact shade may not be what you are looking for, please contact us prior to ordering.  We want you to be delighted with your purchase.

  • all colored using lead free glaze
  • built with sturdy construction to last
  • eight color choices available
  • holds 1100 ml/37 oz
  • portion of all proceeds go to a charity you choose at checkout

*Some interesting trivia we ran across...according to Wikipedia, "the name kobicha comes from the Japanese for the colour of a type of kelp tea, but the word was often used as a synonym for a form of flattery in a curious parallel with the English usage brown nosing.